The Ultimate Transaction

It almost seems impossible to think of a time where we could forgive or be forgiven, in a flawless nature. “You can surely forgive, but don’t you dare forget”, the world screams so violently at us. With all of the strings that have been attached, and all of the fine print that has been notated, forgiveness seems to exist, but most definitely not without a price. Yet before you start rummaging through your belongings to figure out the exact change for this debt, I want to invite you take a closer look at the price tag that the world has attached to your forgiveness.

You see, 2000 years ago, a flawless man by the name of Jesus walked upon this earth. How was He flawless? He was fully man, fully God, and fully capable of coming to fulfill His divine purpose without ever being riddled with sin. What was His supreme purpose? To set you free. His redemption plan was to exemplify a divine transaction.

The purchase: Your life.

The price: His death.

The currency: His blood.

The calculation of the transaction: Your Forgiveness.

Perfection Himself, died upon the Cross at Calvary so that your forgiveness through His blood, can never be returned, exchanged, or rendered as void. You can fully experience freedom not only in knowing that you are forgiven, but also in the ability to forgive others. How? You have a flawless example in Jesus...and your Bible, (otherwise known as your “receipt”) is full proof of the entire transaction. I want you to look a little bit closer to that price tag that is dangling from your forgiveness. Yes there is a price, but there is also something stamped on top of that price. I’m not sure about you, but I think it says, “Paid in Full.”

Have you received the perfect forgiveness of God? If so, thank Him for it – and if not, invite Christ into your heart to begin the flawless transaction today. 

Amy Basel