sharing the gospel - empowering generations

Under every obstacle in life, if you should allow yourself to look a little deeper, you will always find the very fingerprints of God, molding and perfecting all things for the good of those who love Him. 

I believe God has made a way where there seemed to be no way. While you have been sitting, desolate and dry from the wavering of the world, the Lord is fighting on your behalf and moving mountains to pave the way. Your faith, although it may be small, is found pleasing in the eyes of God. He has not asked you to position yourself in abandonment so that you will have to take on this world in your own strength. No. He has surely not set you up to fail. Your Heavenly Father is shaking heaven into movement and shifting opportunities into full alignment as you pray for His will to be done. 

Do you conceive the power in that?  I do and I know all things are possible. 

  • Do you understand the divine extravagance in praying a robust prayer in the accordance of God’s perfect will?

  • You are partaking in spiritual perfection. You are moving as the hands and feet of Jesus. You are reflecting the Father. You are changing the path and the very shape of history. You are making a mark that no man can erase.

  • Your purpose is so much greater, so much bigger, so much more detailed than you could ever comprehend.

  • Will you let God use you to bring Him glory? Will you allow Him to use your life to save the lives of others?

  • Everything is willing to change in just one moment. All you have to say is yes to the call.

“We are representing more than just ourselves, our ministries, and our message to the world. We represent Jesus Christ, and that is something that should be taken with reverence. We have the honor to usher in the next generation so they will KNOW the One, True, Living God, and to understand the authority that they hold as believers through the Blood of Jesus Christ. It’s about proclaiming the Good News, developing disciples, and saving the lost. This is why we are here and this is our commission.”

— Amy Klutinoty