Amy Klutinoty

speaker. writer. daughter of the King

"I was created so people can see who you shouldn't be."

Well, that was my usual answer if you would have asked me who I was, 7 years ago. I didn't like me very much, and I was convinced that God wasn't all that fond of me either. In my eyes, I should have been disqualified from His plans, exempt from His eternity, and completely overlooked by His love.

But that's just not how my story goes...

You see, I am living proof that God can use anyone despite their "embarrassing" and "ugly" past. No sin had pulled me too far out of reach from His loving hands of compassion and mercy. I just didn't know that yet.

I grew up going to church.

I had the religious and ritualistic act down to an art, but the actual relationship with Christ? That was completely non-existant. I honestly just didn't even know that was possible! Jesus was more of a man to "study" rather than a Savior to be loved. In my eyes, God was a far off, unreachable, angry, I withdrew.  As soon as I entered into middle school, going to church was no longer on my radar and I refused to attend. Rebellion is how I chose to live. At the age of 14 I was already addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs. Later on down the road, I was diagnosed with ADD and struggled so badly, I dropped out of high school. I suffered from guilt, shame, and condemnation due to sexually, verbally, and physically abusive occurrences and relationships for nearly 20 years.

I was in and out of jail.

By the age of 22 I was making so many horrible decisions that I had found myself in and out of jail a few times which led me into a deep depression.  Anger problems and extreme personality disorders took over my entire life. I dabbled in the occult for many years, and had such an extreme infatuation with the spirit world, that I opened many demonic doors that led to terrifying experiences. My worth was found in men and who I was dating at the time. I was too insecure to be alone, so I looked for "love" in sex and abusive relationships. These were the types of decisions that led to many situations where I should have been killed.

Suicide became my only option of escape.

As I actually tried to take my own life, the voice of God broke through my plans and offered another in Him. In all of the brokenness and bad choices, when I thought that God had written me off, instead He reached out His hand of compassion and mercy, and He offered to pull me out of the wreckage of a shattered life. Yet, I had to receive it. I had to make that choice to allow Him to change me, but I wasn't ready to follow Him. I wasn't willing to fully give everything up. And so He continued to pursue me.

Jesus came to me in a dream one night.

I will honestly never forget it. How could I? Every intricate detail of that dream has been plastered throughout my mind for all eternity. Jesus stood in front of me and He spoke directly to me words that I will never forget. He then placed His hand upon my head and invited me to start over; but this time, with Him. That's the brief version, of course, but the entire story would leave you in awe! I woke up as a different woman with a changed heart who needed to know more about this man, Jesus. It was truly a supernatural experience. Although I still struggled to rid myself of toxic relationships and addictions at first, a few months later I fully gave my life to the Lord in March of 2011 and was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. One month later the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that I would soon start my own ministry to speak to nations, share my testimony, teach the Word, and profess the Love of Christ to the world.

"There's been a major mistake here. You've got the wrong girl!" 

This was my only reply, as the renewal of my mind had not yet taken place. I was in need of an incredible amount of healing before the Lord could entrust me with such a calling. It was then that God took me into 1 year of deep consecration. Many were worried that I was secluding myself too much, becoming "too obsessed", and even losing grasp of reality itself. I, however, knew what the Lord had told me to do, and this was the beginning of a beautiful and intricate journey with Him. 

The doors began to open.

One year after giving my life to the Lord, I began to receive speaking invitations to share my testimony at conferences, radio stations, and television programs. You can only imagine the excitement I had. Not because of a platform, but because God's Promise to me was beginning to unfold right before my very eyes! The more I spoke of His love, the more I heard the sound of opening doors. You see, it's not about the applause and approval of's about obedience. It's about God.

Your Path His Plan.

Shortly after in January 2012 I officially launched "Your Path His Plan", which is the name the Lord had given me since the very beginning of this incredible journey.

Currently, I am married to my wonderful husband, Adam (the story of meeting him is an amazing one), and I am now walking in this ministry full time by traveling the world, speaking, teaching, blogging and writing. I recently finished my first devotional book, and I am also working on two other ebooks that will be released shortly.

God has truly done a quick work in me, and I am humbled and walk in complete reverence to the calling He has placed upon my life. I know what God saved me from, and because I have been forgiven much, I love much. The entire purpose of my ministry is to reach a hurt, desolate, and hopeless world so I can share the Gospel, love, and POWER of Jesus Christ through boldness and Truth! The King of Kings, my Savior, makes ALL things new, and it is never too late for Him to turn your life around for His glory!

- Amy Klutinoty

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.
— Acts 20:24